Travelling with the family? Get cozy! The Wings' Family Room offers bunk beds good for 4 occupants. The package comes with light meals. There is a common dining area where our customers can pre-order full meals from our well-loved restaurant brands, Kaishu and Let's Chow.

​Getting a private room within the airport gives you the peace of mind of knowing the children are secure and not stressed from the usual chaotic and crowded departure halls.

Please be reminded that not all youngsters are used to ​getting up and down the bunk beds. Even if they are, make sure they are not suffering from dizziness or jet lag after experiencing a long trip.

There's only one (unit) Family Room available per time slot and it's available only for walk-in guests.

  • Good for 4 persons, our Family Room is offered at Php 3,200/ up to 7 hours


· Unlimited finger food buffet

· Unlimited hot and cold drinks

· Luggage storage area

· WIFI connection

· Shower – Bath towel, Yukata and shower amenities (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste)